Kinky Too is the only BDSM dating site offering all these features!

Kinky Matchmaking

Kinky Matchmaking Icon

Extensive Profiles and Search Options for every fetish

  • Wide range of well thought out kink options
  • Supports all orientations, lifestyles, kinks and fetishes
  • Identify poly and monogamous relationship links to other members
  • Separate profile types for Pro Dommes and Fin Dommes with search filters to either include or exclude matches by profile type.

Rich Text Journals and Blogs

Kinky Blog Icon

Powerful block based blog editor interface

  • Journal with a full featured blogging interface
  • Rich text editing - no markdown code required
  • Include your own photos and graphics in your posts
  • Block based page layout for your posts allowing extensive layout customization capabilities.

Social Networking

Kinky Social Networking Icon

Network with people who are Kinky Too

  • Privacy options for all of your profile data
  • Follow other member's publicly shared activities
  • Link Friend and Relationship status with other members - with mutual approval required
  • Create custom lists of Friends and view stream activity by individual list

Activity Stream

Customizable Activity Stream Icon

Beautiful, customizable activity stream

  • #Hashtags and @Mentions
  • Custom #hashtag stream views
  • Custom friend list stream views
  • Rich media posts
  • React to posts with a Like, Happy, Love, Angry, Wow, or Sad emoji
  • Repost and pin posts

Photo Albums

Photo Albums Icon

Flexible photo storage and presentation

  • Create multiple photo albums each with different privacy settings.
  • Organize and re-organize photos any way you want
  • Provides photo library for your Avatar and covers for your Profile, Groups, and Events.


Kinky Discussion Groups Icon

Join groups with your interests

  • Interact with those sharing in your interest areas
  • Group specific Photo Albums, Events, and Discussions


Kinky Event Calendar Icon

Detailed event calendars

  • RSVPs with optional maximum attendees
  • Public, Private, and Invite Only Events
  • One time and recurring events
  • Event specific Announcements, Photo Albums, and Discussions
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